How can one prepare for an essay for UPSC?

How can one prepare for an essay for UPSC?

The essay portion of the UPSC Mains exam is quite important. There are 250 marks available for this paper. Up until 2013, applicants only had to write one essay in three hours. However, since the UPSC syllabus has changed, candidates are now required to submit two essays for UPSC, each on a different topic, in three hours.
So, after realizing its significance and relevance for the UPSC mains exam, one should prepare it in an organized and sorted way.
Thus, these are some fundamental formulas that one might use when preparing an essay for UPSC, but overall, my preference is for one to enrol in a respectable school that instructs its students in this technique. For instance, as I was preparing, I learned about EDEN IAS, which is renowned for exclusively running one program, particularly on essay writing, and that is also under the direction of a prestigious leader Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary sir who has immense knowledge and experience in this field and has been paving the way to success for many aspiring civil servants for a long time.

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