1 Bedroom Flat for sale in T. Nagar Chennai (Gothi Apartments)

1 Bedroom Flat for sale in T. Nagar Chennai (Gothi Apartments)

On the off chance that you are a successive explorer, you’ll be glad to take note of that train station is under a short ways from this house.

Since there is an ATM and petroleum siphon near this home you will have simple admittance to cash and fuel whenever. Transport and your day to day basics are never excessively far away as transport stop, grocery store, drug stores are effortlessly viewed as close to this home.

Assuming that you have children at home, the nearest school is A.M.M Registration Higher Auxiliary School and merits looking at. Assuming you are needing any crisis administrations or clinical help, you will be glad to take note of that Apollo Specialty Emergency clinic, Jayanth Needle therapy Center and Bleeding edge Eye Emergency clinic are extremely nearby.

As Raj Theater, Ganapathy Slam Theater and Srinivasa Theater are in closeness to this house, you can get the most recent motion pictures whenever. Never pass up way of life as Kasi Arcade, Redington Administration India Ltd. what’s more, Sree Kumaran Stores are so nearby.
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