Fenton Technologies takes pride in introducing our innovative product, the Fenton Technologies MBR Membrane. Designed to revolutionize water treatment processes, our MBR Membrane offers advanced filtration technology for superior efficiency and water purification.
The Fenton Technologies MBR Membrane is a cutting-edge filtration solution that combines the power of Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology with advanced membrane filtration. It serves as a selective barrier, effectively removing solids, bacteria, and contaminants from water to ensure optimal purification.

Applications of Fenton Technologies MBR Membrane
Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants
Industrial Effluent Treatment
Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems
Water Reuse and Recycling Projects
Resort and Hotel Water Treatment
Food and Beverage Industry Water Purification.
Features Of MBR Membrane
Meet the higher standard of permeate water quality
Lower Filtration pressure and energy saving
Stronger Chemical resistance, easily clean
Good Hydrophilicity and strong fouling resistance
High standard of bio mass/solids control
Lower component Cost and less components
Modular system design, easy assembly.

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