Instanet High Speed Internet Generator

Instanet High Speed Internet Generator

Seamlessly combine multiple SIM cards for unified LAN output. Supports 3G/4G(LTE)/5G from any network. Custom design with power portal and individual SIM slots. LED indicators show SIM status. Display provides IP details.

Instanet bonding ensures a consistent and reliable internet connection by combining multiple network sources. This is crucial for businesses that rely on uninterrupted connectivity for seamless operations.

By aggregating the bandwidth of multiple connections, Instanet bonding significantly enhances internet speed. This enables faster downloads, smoother streaming, and quicker access to online resources.

With faster and more reliable internet, employees can work efficiently without frustrating delays or interruptions. Tasks that require large file transfers or real-time collaboration become quicker and more seamless.

Instanet bonding provides businesses with the ability to deliver faster and more responsive online services. This leads to improved customer satisfaction, increased engagement, and a positive brand image.

The only all in one ISP independent bonding,Failover and load balancing router, 7 Edge multi layer wafer design, Instanet Static IP for Moving vechicles,Fully customized port
8 hours battery life

Experience the full potential of four cabled WAN connections with our advances device, offereing a unified LAN RJ45 output.

High Speed Internet with Lifetime IP

4 Sim cards with multiple network service

Wireless Connections

2.2 inch Mini Display

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